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Why School Pods are the Preferred Choice of Parents and Teachers

Learning Pods became popular years ago in the Hollywood community as celebrities found it challenging to send their children to the local public or even private school. Celebrities wanted to keep their children in a social learning environment with other children with similar lifestyles, experiences and beliefs.

Fast forward to 2020 when schools all over the world started closing and families from all walks of life began having to make choices about their children's education and overall well-being. Two years later, both parents and teachers are still being forced to submit to policies and agendas that contradict their personal values and beliefs or trample over their rights as parents. We can no longer be passive or silent partners when it comes to education.

Here are some things that School Pods can provide for families:

  1. Personalized Education - In smaller groups, a teacher has the opportunity to understand each child better and to create a program that caters to the strengths and weaknesses of each child as well as achieve the educational goals of the family.

  2. Socialization - The emphasis in School Pods is just as much on social skills, character development and life skills as it is on academic skills, physical abilities and thinking skills. School Pods are often made up of children of different age groups and abilities resembling real-world situations more closely than a same-grade classroom. Children learn to help one another and develop lasting friendships.

  3. Flexibility - Many parents are excited to find out that their family's life does not have to revolve around a preset school year and daily schedule. They can work with the teacher to develop a learning cycle that works for their situation. As teachers do not have to adhere to a preset curriculum, this gives flexibility to have different emphasis in each School Pod as well as plan extra-curricular activities that are not part of a traditional school.

  4. Voice - Parents have a say in many aspects of a School Pod, so that their beliefs and values are reflected in their children's education.

  5. Affordability – Though Pods have their origins in the rich community, today, they are much more affordable and they are no longer only for the rich. Several families sharing the financial burden for a professional teacher and educational materials is much easier than each family hiring their own teacher or tutor and purchasing their own supplies. School Pods are definitely cheaper than private schools without compromising the quality of education and allow more flexibility. School Pods can be part-time if families cannot afford full-time education. Parents can also share the responsibility for caring for each other’s children to accommodate work schedules and life situations. The value of School Pods is in the community. Even public education is not completely free.

Teachers also find many benefits to School Pods in contrast to other teaching opportunities:

  1. Flexibility in schedule;

  2. Explore project and activities that would not be conducive to a regular classroom;

  3. Become a partner with parents and invite their involvement in the day-to-day running of the Pod;

  4. Open opportunities to provide education utilizing your strengths and community resources rather than prescribed methodology or curriculum. No pressure from government institutions and support from a growing community.

If you'd like to explore the possibilities of pods and join our community reach out to us today! By phone: 905-581-9613 | By email:



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