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About the Founders:


Darryl and Milena Weinberg are a husband and wife team who have been moved to dedicate their time and energy to developing School Pods Canada.  They are parents of a preteen boy and have worked with families through ministry, their home daycare and a couple of pods.


Milena is a certified teacher who worked for a couple of public school boards for seven years before deciding to leave the public school system in 2011.  With a young toddler at the time, she opened a home daycare that functioned in the Weinberg’s home for 3 years.  After failing to thrive in public school during his kindergarten years, the Weinbergs decided to homeschool their son.  They were also unhappy that a new Sex-Ed curriculum was being implemented in public schools without parental consent. Milena co-hosted a homeschool co-op in Peterborough for 2 years.  She also worked part-time for a private Christian school in Peterborough, where their son attended for 1 year.  Milena has always been passionate about education and has worked as a summer camp nature program leader, Mad Science instructor, Critter Visits educator, outdoor educator for 1 year at Boyne River Ecology Center, nanny and tutor.  She has taught two different pods over the past year.  Milena’s passion is to develop stimulating, hands-on, inspiring curriculum that goes above and beyond what is implemented in schools.


Darryl has been in pastoral ministry for over 20 years.  He has a business degree from Ryerson University and has a background in HR recruiting, leadership development and training as well as sales and marketing.  He is a serial entrepreneur and loves to see things being built from the ground up.  Darryl is passionate about people’s well being physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.  He has just finished writing and is publishing his first book. Darryl has experience in teacher recruitment and training.  He has also been a speaker in leadership training.


The Weinbergs are committed to helping families provide the best education for their children along with helping them navigate through challenging times.  School Pods Canada is designed to provide supportive and thriving communities for families, not just educational opportunities.

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